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SIDEKIT is an open source package for Speaker and Language recognition.
The aim of SIDEKIT is to provide an educational and efficient toolkit for speaker/language recognition
including the whole chain of treatment that goes from the audio data to the analysis of the system performance.
Authors:Anthony Larcher & Kong Aik Lee & Sylvain Meignier
Version:1.3.1 of 2019/01/22

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News for SIDEKIT 1.3.1:

  • new sidekit_mpi module that allows parallel computing on several nodes (cluster) MPI implementations are provided for GMM EM algorithm, TotalVariability matrix EM estimation and i-vector extraction see MPI for more information about MPI
  • new FactorAnalyser class that simplifies the interface
    Note that FA estimation and i-vector extraction is still available in StatServer but deprecated
  • i-vector scoring with scaling factor
  • uncertainty propagation is available in PLDA scoring

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When using SIDEKIT for research, please cite:

Anthony Larcher, Kong Aik Lee and Sylvain Meignier,
An extensible speaker identification SIDEKIT in Python,
in International Conference on Audio Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), 2016


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